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2022-23 NCAA 285-Pound Preseason Preview: Big Shoes To Fill

Largest of all weight classes. The most powerful and huge of all university departments. Giants, giants, Brobdingnagian.Yet all weigh less than 10 percent Less than More than your average NFL lineman.

It makes me think.

Preseason Preview: 125 | | 133 | | 141 | | 149 | | 157 | | 165 | | 174 | | 184 | 197 | | 285

But it’s not just numbers on the scale that make a champion heavyweight wrestler. Take U17, U20, Olympic and NCAA champion Gable Steveson, for example.

These are not. No, these aren’t grandpa’s dancing walruses. These are elite technicians who consume a constant diet of 8,000 calories a day while mastering the art of wrestling.

Few wrestling fans may claim to prefer the 285-pounder over other weight classes, but none did (at least not should do it) question college executives with skills and dedication displayed at the NCAA D1 level.

I was healed

Jaraslau SlavikowskiHarvard

Jaraslau (or Jaroslav, if you spell his name in Czech) is technically on the transfer portal, but he’s back at Harvard for another year. After the season, he graduated and plans to pursue a graduate degree wherever he can use his last year’s credentials, as Ivy League rules do not allow him to continue at Harvard.

I only got the equivalent of one college season from Slavikouski. He won his 2020 with his 30-8 record, finished runner-up in the EIWA, and was canceled, earning the 10th seed in the 2020 NCAA Tournament. Slavikouski, who was forced to sit out the 2020-21 season with the rest of the Ivy League athletes, was next in his CKLV in 2021, where he finished two games before suffering a season-ending injury in the finals. Beat All-American. Fingers crossed that we finally get to see a full season of this talented executive.


Gable Steveson, Minnesota

Jordan Wood, Lehi

Matt Stensel, Central Michigan

Christian Lance, Nebraska

Nathan Traxler, Virginia Tech

Gary Traub, Oregon

For fear of burying more leads, we have to discuss about a 265-pound elephant in the room. season of qualifications at the University of Minnesota.

yes he put his shoes on the matyes he is Signed with WWEBut does he still qualify?And for a chance to fight on ESPN in prime time, why not do it? And for what it’s worth, Gable also has teased us with another olympic run.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the scoop, you won’t find it on this blog. I hope he comes back like you guys. Let’s find out together!

Whether or not we see Gable’s return, the heavyweight division has produced an impressive lineup of players, including not one but two five-time conference champions Jordan 5-Wood and Matt 5-Tencel. .

2022 All-American Kristen Lance and five-time NCAA qualifier Nathan Traxler will also leave the weight class, as will the peerless Gastank Gary.


Gable Steveson, Minnesota

Coulton Schultz, Arizona

Pennsylvania State University Greg Kirkritt

Mason Paris, Michigan

Anthony Cassioppi, Iowa

What do you do for an encore when you’ve already won everything you can win in the sport of wrestling? largely allIf Gable returns to the NCAA, he will be favored to run the table and win his third title. Gable has lost only twice in his four years of college wrestling, both in his true freshman campaign, losing in the Big Ten Championship and NCAA Semifinals to Anthony Cassar.

Meet Steveson as he wins his second straight NCAA title in Detroit.

Searching for their first NCAA title is a quartet of 0-13 total contenders against Steveson.

If Steveson doesn’t come back, we have a case of all four being favourites. Schultz is having his best season yet, making it to the finals, winning over Mason Paris and executing one of the most electric takedown counters in NCAA semifinal overtime history.

See highlights from that match, including THE highlights.

Paris, mentioned above, is in his fifth season as a starter and has two U.S. Championship appearances. He has been a consistent winner with the Wolverines, with five of his nine losses in the last three seasons at the hands of Gable his Steveson. Also note that a red shirt is provided for Paris.

Kerkvliet is also a two-time All-American, has three more years of eligibility, and probably hasn’t wrestled a fully healthy season yet.

Watch Kirk from Detroit to Paris:

Finally, discount Tony Cassioppi at your own risk. He’s 3-0 in his lifetime against Kerkfried, against Schulz he’s 2-0, but also against Paris he’s 0-3.

Watch Cass and Schultz from 2021:

Who ultimately wins in this weight class could depend on which wrestler’s best version emerges.


Yaraslau Slavikouski, Harvard University

Lucas Davison, Northwestern

Trent Hilger, Wisconsin

Tate Orndorff, Ohio

Zach Elam, Missouri

Luis Fernandes, Cornell

Wyatt Hendrickson, Air Force

One of the great joys of the new NCAA wrestling season is seeing who has a breakout season.

We have already discussed the possibilities of Slavikouski. Veteran Trent ‘Thor’ Hilger from Wisconsin has already had two podiums and four NCAA qualifications. Lucas Davison almost certainly broke out last season when he made it to the All-Americans with 285 after wrestling with 197 in the past three seasons.

Ohndorf has had previous podium finishes, finishing eighth in 2021 and one game away from the top eight in 2022.

Zach Elam was eliminated in the Round of 16 tournament after two Blood Round finishes in three trips to the Big Dance. Fernandez was just one match away from becoming Cornell’s first-ever heavyweight All-American (shocking, but true fact). However, he entered the tournament with an undefeated record.

Watch Fernandes vs Hendrickson in the finals of the 2022 Southern Scuffles.

This is just one example of a much longer heavyweight who could be competing at the NCAA Championship in Tulsa.


Hunter Catka, Virginia Tech

Brandon Metz, North Dakota

Sam Schuyler, Iowa

These wrestlers don’t yet have the track record to warrant inclusion as contenders, but when their names are penciled on the other side of the bracket, they represent a challenge that no one takes lightly. As with the list, this is not exhaustive and your mileage may vary.

After Catka qualified for the 2021 NCAA Tournament, Stanford-transferred Nathan Traxler put the magic in the Hawkeye lineup. Hunter’s brother, Ryan Catka, has become a Navy starter and is a mine himself.

Both Metz and Schuyler are seasoned veterans who have qualified for a total of five NCAA Tournaments.

true freshman

Nick Feldman, Ohio

Chasehorn, North Carolina

Harley Andrews, Nebraska

All three of these fine players will almost certainly be redshirts at the start of the year. Especially with a new rule that allows you to compete in up to five national team competitions without burning your shirt. All three were in the top 36, though. Big Board Class 2022.

Sure, Horn was 35th and Andrews was 36th, but Feldman was 1st. In any case, all three (and others) are names to familiarize yourself with this upcoming season.


1) Steveson 2) Kerkfried 3) Schulz 4) Cascioppi 5) Paris 6) Davison 7) Orndorff 8) Fernandes

The only prediction I’m confident about here is Steveson, and I’m not too sure he’ll be back this season, so consider those values. , if these picks inspire athletes to prove me wrong, it’s even better than right!

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