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Bracketology: Arizona earns a No. 1 seed when Kansas falls off top line in NCAA Tournament bracket projection


After a chaotic week where teams near the top of the bracket lost almost every night, the latest bracket update has made some changes.

Purdue When Alabama are still the top two seeds. Both were tested this week and came out victorious. Kansas remains top-line despite losses in Iowa. Arizona Later promoted to No. 1 seed Kansas lost in Baylor For three straight losses.

There are currently six Big 12 teams in the Top 16. There are no instructions on how to specifically place more than four teams from one conference within that group, but we have tried to pair them so that they are in opposite halves of the regional bracket. Also, three and he had to shuffle four seeds to keep the bracket properly balanced. As such, some teams may appear to be further from home than expected.

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Check out Palm’s latest fixtures, 68-man full field, and all the bubble teams. Bracket science hub.

Challenge to SEC-Big 12 impact bracket

The final SEC-Big 12 challenge is Saturday. I always enjoy this interconference challenge more than others because it takes place during conference play.

Led by Kansas, this challenge has some key games as usual. kentuckyThis is big for both teams. No. 2-seeded Kansas is looking to stop his skidding in the aforementioned three games, while No. 10-seeded Kentucky continues to look for a marquee win to add to its rather thin tournament résumé.

texas am Tennessee in the fight for the current No. 2 seed. The winner is trying to reach the top line of the bracket.

Unfortunately, Alabama missed the game against the more reliable Top 15 teams. OklahomaA trip to Baylor would have been a better matchup.

Remember, this event is all about bragging for a day. Even with the SEC ending 10-0, the Big 12 is still the best conference of the season. These inter-conference challenges are fun, but they’re not worth deciding which league is better. This is only one of a dozen or so non-conference games, and matchups don’t always match well.

Keystone State Clash at First Four

The 11th seed matchup in the First Four Pittsburgh When PennsylvaniaIt’s a fun rivalry game, but it just happened organically. The last he has two teams play against each other and his two teams above pair up.

Also, without the possibility of the winner playing against a team in their own conference, there is no place on the 11th line to place a Pit-PSU game. If it is completely unavoidable, the committee may also accept it.

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