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Cowboys’ Brett Maher suffers historical playoff meltdown, Mike McCarthy hints that team will stick with kicker


The Dallas Cowboys had a near-perfect game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday, except for one player. Brett Maher had a complete meltdown the night he went 5-1 and missed a total of 4 points in the Cowboys’ 31-14 win in his game.

Not only was it a bad performance, it was historically bad. With four mistakes, Marr became the first kicker in NFL history to miss four extra points in a game. It was clear that there was

By the time he missed his third kick, Dak Prescott was grimacing on the sidelines while Payton and Eli Manning looked shocked.

Maher seems to have found the Yips case. Not only did he miss his first four attempts against the Buccaneers, but he missed his only attempt in Week 18, making consecutive misses his fifth. But that streak came to an end in the fourth quarter on Monday when Maher finally scored the second and Tampa’s Raymond James his stadium crowd erupted in loud cheers.

Despite this struggle, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy sounded like the team was planning to stick with Maher in Sunday’s divisional round playoff game against the 49ers.

“I need to get ready to go[to San Francisco],” McCarthy said. Via NBCDWF“We need him. He’s been a super clutch for us all year.”

Maher also seems to have the support of his teammates.

Especially supporting his teammates was Dak Prescott.

“I’m a huge Money Maher fan,” says Prescott said after winning“I spoke to him privately after the game and said to him, ‘Let’s not do that. We’re going to need it.’ We played like we did exactly a week ago, so it will be.”

The Cowboys’ kicker struggled for extra points at times during the regular season, but it’s never been this bad.During the 2022 season, he achieved 50 of his 53 extra points. This suited him to a conversion rate of 94.3%, which ranked him 22nd among kickers who attempted 15 or more extra points.

Despite failing to hit from short distance on Monday, Maher clutched many times this year and hit the Cowboys’ long kicks with no problem. Not only did he record his 9 of 11 from 50+ yards in his 2022, Holds the NFL record for most field goals Over 60 yards for 4 people. The trouble is the short one.

Some kickers have suffered since the extra point was moved to 33 yards in 2015, but few have suffered as much as Maher on Monday night. Only one other kicker missed extra points. Falcons in November 2019 (Gay currently plays for the Rams).

Besides Gay and Maher, we need to go all the way back to 1993 to find a game where the kicker missed three extra points (Roger Ruzek did when he was playing for the Eagles).

The upside for the Cowboys was that Maher was the only one who really struggled in Dallas’ 31-14 win. The Cowboys defeated the Buccaneers thanks to Duck his Prescott historic Big He game, which set a franchise record with five total touchdowns.

For a full breakdown of everything that happened in-game, Click here to check takeout.

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