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Dribble Handoff: Missouri’s Dennis Gates, New Mexico’s Richard Pitino among early picks for Coach of the Year


College basketball’s 2022 coaching carousel takes a spin into overdrive when six of the SEC’s 14 jobs change. Otherwise, Butler, Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, seton hall, Villanova, Xavier It was one of the other notable schools to undergo coaching changes. do not forget, duke We have a new coach for the first time since the 1980-81 season. The Blue Devils were well informed of the succession plan from Mike Krushevski to John Scheer up front, but it still remains as a coaching change that occurred in the 2022 offseason.

Overall, the group of first-year coaches have big shoes to fill after last year’s crop of rookies shone brightly.Led by Tommy Lloyd Arizona #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, coached by Hubert Davis north carolina Just two examples of the success first-year coaches enjoyed last season into a national title game.It was in the end houston Coach Kelvin Sampson was named Coach of the Year by CBS Sports. providence Coach Ed Cooley won Naismith Coach of the Year. Both are veterans of the school and have fended off his first-year coaching crop for postseason hardware.

The 2022-23 Coach of the Year race is shaping up in a similar fashion, with a handful of first-year coaches asking themselves why they should be shortlisted for Coach of the Year two months into the season. Shows good examples. Lurking in the race, however, is an impressive group of veterans like Sampson. UConn’s with Dan Hurley Purduse Matt painter.

In this week’s Dribble Handoff, our writers discuss who should be college basketball’s Midseason Coach of the Year.

Matt Painter, Purdue

Purdue lost Monday night at home Rutgers, so the timing of this is not perfect. But my Midseason Coach of the Year is still the Painter, whose Boilermaker wins with his 13-1 record. GonzagaDuke, Marquette When west virginia — and a lone one-point loss — despite the fact that he was unranked in both the AP’s Top 25 poll and coaches’ poll in the preseason.

It’s a very strong start to the season.

What makes Painter’s accomplishment even more impressive is that he’s doing this while starting two freshman guards who aren’t ranked in the top 90 of their class in 2022, according to 247Sports. . Fletcher Royer is 95th. Braden Smith said he was 196th. Prospects so appraised are usually Big Ten role players as freshmen at best, but Royer and Smith are actually second in scoring for the Boilermakers and his third, underrated. It speaks to the painter’s ability to identify, register and develop existing talent.

It is impossible to know for certain where the seasons will go from here. But it denies that Paynter could have played his 14th game on his 31-game schedule, won his second National COY Award, and led his alma mater to the Final Four for the first time since his 1980s. you can’t. — Gary Parrish

I was torn between the Painter and the Pitino when I chose this one, so I’m glad the Painter was recognized here, even though the Purdue was acquired by Rutgers on Monday. In that regard, this runs hours before New Mexico has to play his second back-to-back road game. Three days away from the last game, it’s a 1 point win. wyomingSo we’ll see if the college hoops can keep an undefeated team in that rank for another 24 hours. About 40% of the games are played on the regular season schedule.

Pitino isn’t just overseeing the last undefeated team, but that’s a factor too. It means he’s revived his proud program after going 13-19 last season. it is. It took him until March 5th for UNM to take their 13th victory last year. Lobos this season, he passed it by December 31st. From home he has had 4 wins but the only quad in the docs so far his 1 win is a great one ( St. Mary’s), UNM will have more opportunities to play in Mountain West over the next two months.

The school was experiencing the worst drought in program history. The 2021 adoption of the Pitino was met with a shrug.he was fired Minnesota And for a place that needs to regain relevance, it’s been hard to tell whether or not this will be a successful experiment. managed to do it. Lobos hasn’t won 20 since his 2014 last appearance in the NCAA Tournament. Both of these droughts will end in 2023. — Matt Norlander

Dan Hurley, UConn

What Hurley has done at UConn this season is so magical and special that even magicians might be a little jealous. UConn fell unranked in preseason and was an afterthought among the contenders in the Big East.They proved it wrong with their bullets and started the season in haste, but opened with a 14-1 record and pushed up to No. 2 in the rankings before their first loss of the season. Last weekend at Xavier.

Harley deserves the nod not only because UConn was a surprise candidate, but also because of the way it emerged as one. He wields a daring style that allows him to score against any team in the country, and has won double figures in 13 games, but like a passionate coach, he prides himself on completely disrupting games with his proud defense. I have. This team has the edge that embodies the coach, and thanks to that, they have the goods to go from unranked to title winner. — Kyle Boone

Gates inherited a program from the 2012-21 season and already matches last season’s wins. Gates quickly instilled confidence that the Tigers would become nationally relevant under his supervision.The first month of the schedule was light, highlighted by road victories WichitaBut in victory Illinois When kentucky Over the past two games, the Tigers have shown real improvement for themselves.

Gates deserves a lot of credit for how he overhauled the roster. He brought in top scorer Domoy Hodge. Cleveland It helped Missouri’s main repeater Kobe Brown become a star. Otherwise, this roster is highlighted by a collection of transfers from around the world who have come together to form a quality basketball team.

A breath of fresh air for Gates is the Tigers’ offensive prowess under his watch. He finished last season in 309th place with just 65.5 points per game. Watching a Missouri basketball game just got a whole lot more fun. The Tigers have come a long way in his SEC. Kansas However, it looks like this team could be in the NCAA Tournament. With Mizzou joining the dance, Gates will be a contender for all sorts of postseason her hardware. — David Cobb

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