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Knicks Notes: Reddish, Barrett, Mitchell


follow up Mark Berman’s Report from Thursday, Stephen Bondi of The New York Daily News make sure Knicks Forward cam reddish Hope for a change of scenery.

“Clearly Cam has no place[with the Knicks].” A Bondi source added that previous lottery picks prefer the move.

Reddish after Berman released a report on Thursday Reply to Instagram comment He claimed to have asked for a deal and apparently disputed the idea. “When I do that? Get trippin’ everybody.

Yet, as Bondy observes (Via Twitter), wanting a change of circumstances and formally requesting a deal are two different things. Reddish isn’t doing the latter, but there are multiple reports suggesting it wants the former.

Here are the Knicks details:

  • RJ Barrett‘s new four-year extension with New York has a standard upside structure, starting at around $23.9 million in 2023/24 and increasing to $29.6 million by year four. Tweet ESPN’s Bobby Marks. According to Marks, Barrett will receive his $3 million as an annual incentive.
  • upon His latest Hoop Collective podcastESPN’s Brian Windhorst said the Knicks’ decision to call off Mitchell’s trade talks earlier this week and extend Barrett’s contract “created incredible animosity between them. ” he claimed. jazz (hat tip Real GM). Barrett’s new contract complicated potential salary matching between the Knicks and the Jazz. Offering Poison Pillsand would have forced the two teams to reset negotiations.
  • Knicks planned to continue the chase Donovan Mitchell After agreeing to Barrett’s extension on Monday, the Jazz began concentrating on talks with the Cavaliers on Tuesday and did not return to the Knicks before agreeing to a deal with Cleveland. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.
  • Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman Knicks argued that he was wise not to respond to Utah’s asking price for Mitchell, saying it was a “disciplined” decision not to push too many chips into the middle of the table. But not everyone was so enthusiastic about New York’s decision. “Who are they saving the picks for?” One player agent said Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus. “[The Knicks]really don’t have the patience to win the draft. Are they getting someone better than Donovan?”
  • For those of you who missed it, I handed over some reports earlier today About what the Knicks were offering Mitchell.

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