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Lakers, LeBron James stunned after not getting game-altering foul vs. Celtics; league confirms missed call

of los angeles lakers Los Angeles ranks 3rd in the league in restricted area field goal attempts, but just 19th in clutch free throw attempts per minute.For some reason, the offense that scores more in the paint than any other offense seems to be unable to get called at the end of the game. celtics Saturday night in Boston, the situation reached a new low.

Three points up with four seconds remaining, Jaylen Brown hit a layup to cut the Lakers lead to one point. OK, no problem. The Lakers still had the ball and the lead… right? error. Out of nowhere, Patrick Beverley was called for one of his latest never-seen fouls.

Let’s see:

Brown made the free throw. The Lakers called timeout. They created a play for James to attack the rim. He goes into the paint and sets up a layup. Jason Tatum is clearly banging his arm. Again, no whistle. And like the double overtime loss on January 12th, Mavericks — Troy Brown Jr. seemingly fouled Didn’t blow the whistle on the game-winning 3-point attempt – again, the Lakers lost due to a bad mis-call.

After the game, crew chief Eric Lewis admitted to Poole Reporter that there was a mistake on the final possession. “I got a call” He said“There were no fouls seen during the game at the time. Crews missed plays.” Review missed foul calls“Tatum initiated contact with James’ arm, affecting shot attempts at the rim. At the end of Game 1 of J.R. Smith melted down in a way that recalled his infamous reaction to forgetting the score.

Beverly was more aggressive. Between the fourth quarter and overtime, he somehow got hold of the camera and was probably about to show it to Lewis. I hit a free throw before the game started.

The Lakers, predictably, were furious after the game. ‘The best players on the planet can’t take calls, which is great,’ said coach Durbin Hamm. SaidAnthony Davis was less diplomatic. “Bullshit” Davis Said“That’s unacceptable….I was cheated tonight.” James himself was embarrassed.

“I don’t know,” said James Said“I’m attacking the paint like any other player in this league shooting double-digit free throws every night. I don’t understand it. I don’t understand it.”

The Lakers are currently 23-27 and 13th in the Western Conference. 28-24 los angeles clippers They currently hold the 4th seed, just 4 games behind in the standings. Every win or loss in the standings matters in such a crowded playoff race. If this parity continues, a call that the NBA quickly admitted its mistake could be the difference between the Lakers making the playoffs, playing in, or missing the postseason altogether. It’s not hard to see why. From their perspective, the pattern of poor refereeing has continued throughout the season, and if the Celtics game is any indication, they may be right.

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