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Mike Conley, Russell Westbrook and more


As the NBA’s offseason slump continues, two of the most famous names on this summer’s trading market have decided their near-term destinies. Kevin Durant withdrew his trade request and agreed to remain with the Brooklyn Nets, Donovan Mitchell Somewhat Surprisingly Traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers with Draft Capital Colin Sexton, Lauri Markkanen and other assets.

Still, some big names remain on the trade market and are making headlines these days. trade page of the previous week.

Let’s jump in.

5 Mike Conley (Utah)

Kevin Jairaj – USA TODAY Sports

with Mitchell Rudy Gobert It’s not clear that the Utah Jazz plans to begin a complete, early-stage rebuild in 2022-23. Mike ConleyHe is now 34 and has had a pretty poor campaign by his previous high standards.

Last season, Conley averaged 13.7 points, his lowest since 2011-12, had 5.3 assists and 1.3 steals, shot 43.5% and shot 40.8%. These firing rates indicate that there may be something left in Conley’s tank. The question is, will teams think there’s enough left in his prime to justify signing him on? ?

We don’t know yet, but a report this week mentioned that the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in various jazz veterans, including Conley:

athletic Tony Jones It also reported that the Jazz would turn to pleasant trade talks with Conley.among other veterans:

The Jazz are also in trade talks for the rest of the lineup, including veteran forward Bojan Bogdanovic, guard Mike Conley and guard Jordan Clarkson, sources said.

We’ll see where those negotiations go, but it’s pretty amazing to see Conley on the Utah roster by the time training camp starts. Players will be interested in acquiring him to improve his chances of a deep playoff run.

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4 Cam Reddish (New York)

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

it wasn’t easy cam reddish The Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks haven’t been able to provide him with enough utilization to prove why he’s such a highly regarded draft candidate.

This leads to new reports out of New York this week indicating that Reddish may want to move away from the Big Apple to find a bigger role elsewhere (via new york post):

As the Knicks enter their third month of negotiations with the Jazz on Donovan Mitchell’s package, they may want to consider making sure Cam Reddish is part of the September deal. The New York Post learned that Reddish wanted a change of scenery from New York after being traded there in January and initially didn’t crack the rotation to build confidence.NBA Info Sources say Reddish is looking for a bigger role.

That same report says the Lakers are interested in Reddish (because the Lakers are half-hearted players). No Are you interested these days?) Reddish also said he had been cautious about moving to the Knicks from the beginning. RJ BarrettReddish’s former college teammate at Duke.

Reddish declined a deal request on Instagram this week.

Either way, it’s hard to see how Reddish will find his way to more time and use in a Knicks team that already has solid young talent playing in the same position as the former Blue Devil. .

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3 Jordan Clarkson (Utah)

Rob Gray – USA TODAY Sports

Another jazz veteran who will undoubtedly be of interest in the trade market is the former Sixth Man of the Year. Jordan Clarksona ball handler who gets a certified bucket that can deliver many clever scores off the bench for competitive-level teams.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski We’ve already mentioned Clarkson as one of the players considered a coveted trading asset for Utah.

Any chance of the Lakers reuniting with Clarkson this offseason? It certainly seems possible as Los Angeles has already mentioned an interest in the former Mizot standout. will be broken.

Clarkson is having a strong summer, averaging 16.0 points and 3.5 rebounds in 2021-22, representing the Philippines in FIBA ​​competition.

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2 Boyan Bogdanovic (Utah)

Troy Taormina-USA TODAYSports

The third important jazz veteran you could be dealing with this summer – perhaps the strongest player – is the veteran swingman. Bojan Bogdanovicwhose high-level shooting and underrated 1-on-1 scoring ability would fit nicely with any team with a 2022-23 championship in mind.

Bogdanovic may be a defensive turnstile, he may be nearing the end of his prime at age 33 and has tons of miles from a summer of FIBA ​​playing against Croatia, but he’s got a lot of power. There is no doubt that it will have a positive impact on the team next season.

One potential landing site for Bogdanovic is the Phoenix Suns. who mentioned that a local Phoenix radio host was interested in the veteran shooter:

The Phoenix Suns are interested in trading Utah Jazz forward Bojan Bogdanovic, Arizona Sports’ John Gambadoro reported Thursday night. Phoenix reportedly reached out to the Jazz about the 33-year-old after Utah traded All-Star Donovan Mitchell to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday.

The Lakers were also mentioned as a potential stakeholder for Bogdanovic.

Bogdanovic may not have the same level of star cash as some of the others this summer, but his pick-up is sleazy for competitors who need scoring, shooting and wing size. It can be a great move.

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1 Russell Westbrook (Los Angeles Lakers)

Mark J. Levilas-USA TODAY Sports

The only star player who hasn’t really moved this summer and has been in constant trade rumors is Russell Westbrookonce again checking in at #1 on today’s trade rumor rankings.

Rumors have been circulating all summer about Westbrook’s future with the Lakers.

On the one hand, the acquisition of the team Patrick Beverly Westbrook is more likely to be traded this offseason.

On the other hand, the report from the department los angeles times this week Lakers say they are happy to head to training camp with Westbrook Still on the roster:

Sources say the Lakers are comfortable adding Westbrook to their roster as they head into training camp, with new coach Durbin Hamm unleashing defensive enhancements that will make the offense easier next season with James and Davis. Of course the argument against that is if the Lakers can’t be a real contender with this month’s trade wait for them to take care of that with either free agency or a future trade The bad deal now that forced us to offload one or two future firsts will not dramatically raise the cap on the team this year and will not handcuff further down the road and will be a boon for the organization. It’s like a worst case scenario.

Another report from this week athletic Jovan Buhaspoke to ourselves Michael Scott upon The Hoops Hype Podcast When Said Utah Pacers and Indiana Pacers are Westbrook’s most likely landing spots If the triple-double machine trades this summer:

Jovan Buha: As far as the Westbrook trade market goes, I’ve heard Indiana and Utah are the two most likely destinations. From what I’ve heard, I think Utah is more likely than Indiana. Indiana has several permutations, with Myles Turner and Buddy Hield together, or possibly one of the two. I heard the Lakers are still reluctant to include a second first-round pick. It would have been different with Kyrie Irving. That was his one scenario where two picks were on the table. Apart from that, they see: Can you do a first round pick and a few seconds or a single pick and a protected pick or pick swap?

Buha also said he plans to ramp up trade talks for Westbrook as the Lakers get closer to training camp.

Either way, Westbrook will be with the Lakers, at least for the foreseeable future.

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