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NBA landscape to change as teams chase the Victor Wembanyama dream


Bulls guard Zach LaVine didn’t get a chance to meet NBA prospect Victor Wenbanyama in Paris last week.

But he definitely noticed sitting courtside during the Bulls’ game against the Pistons at the Accor Arena on Thursday.

Again, how could Lavigne miss him?

“I had to look up there,” Lavigne said on Sunday, pretending to look up at the sky in reference to Wenbanyama’s height.

Asked if he saw highlights of what Wenbanyama brought to the court, Lavigne said, “Oh yeah, we’re all watching. He’s 7-foot-5, he can shoot the ball, he handles the ball. You can. He’s a weirdo.”

Wembanyama actually measures 7-2, but LaVine’s point is well understood. He’s a game-changer for the organization, a generational talent capable of turning basement dwellers into potential champion contenders.

Wenbanyama is also why the NBA landscape will start to change in the coming weeks.

With the trade deadline approaching February 9th, it’s time for the season to kick in for your team. Are they tanking to shoot wen bang yama? Are they looking to make a big deal to hit big? Is not it?

“Something is different every year and I think we’ve seen in the last few years things can change to see which teams go all-in. [and] “Who’s really shallow,” Lavigne said.

Teammate DeMar DeRozan agreed.

“Everybody else in the league will do what they think is best for them,” DeRozan said of the coming weeks. We have to take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of us.”

DeRozan said he didn’t know what that meant as far as deadlines go, but he knew what it meant for the Bulls on the court.

After a trip to Paris, the Bulls spent their final days refocusing on the basketball business. They have his 21-24 record to put the Easterners in the last play-in spot in the conference playoffs, but in the last 16 games he’s 10-6, playing his best basketball this season.

it must go on. The Bulls dug this hole themselves, and now it’s time for them to start climbing. That starts with Monday’s home game against the Hawks, followed by a three-game trip against the Pacers, Hornets and Magic.

“We’re looking at the standings on the table,” Lavigne said. “All of these games going forward are important because of the circumstances we find ourselves in, and we are ready to take on the challenge.”

Because the Bulls are not in the Wenbanyama sweepstakes and are not expected to pivot in that direction.

During the preseason, executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Carnisovas said the Bulls’ goal was to reach at least the second round of the playoffs. That bar has not been lowered.

Things may have changed in the NBA, but it’s likely that the Bulls’ roster will be largely unchanged.

“It was an up and down first half,” DeRozan said. “Now is the time to turn everything we’ve been through into something positive. That’s all we can worry about.”

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