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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers still want Cam Reddish, Myles Turner, Buddy Hield

When lakers made a deal with Patrick Beverley, so there were hopes of being the first Domino to resume offseason operations. Instead, the Lakers still have the same roster a week later, with the same concerns as they try to rebuild the team into contenders.

Below are some of the deals the Lakers were rumored to do before training camp began.

Facilitate the Donovan Mitchell Deal

Negotiations between New York and Utah over the Donovan Mitchell trade reached a deadlock earlier this week. Knicks agree to rookie contract extension with RJ Barrettmaking it more difficult to include his contract in a potential deal.

The two teams continue to push for a move to Mitchell’s hometown, but a third team will likely be needed to absorb some of his salary, and the Lakers could be in there. There is Reported by Marc Berman of the New York Post.

Jazz president Danny Ainge likes Barrett, but he prefers getting four unprotected first-round picks for three-time All-Star Mitchell.

Unless a third team like the Lakers is added to revive talks, that may not be possible. ing.

The Lakers have long flirted with fourth-year wing Kam Reddish, ever since they met him at the 2019 Draft Combine. The Lakers tried to enter the bidding war. Reportedly offering two second picks to Reddish.before the Knicks swooped in first.

LA’s continued fascination with a player who has a 32.5% 3-shooting percentage in his NBA career is a bit worrying, despite being billed as a shooter fresh out of college. Especially he coupled with the fact that Reddish is his Klutch client.At this point, Reddish’s main selling point is that he’s 6’8 in height and he’ll be 23 at the start of the season. is. The Lakers have had success with second draft picks in the past (Malik Monk and Stanley Johnson are soon to be found), so a player with physical tools might still be worth it.

Pacers Reportedly wanted THT before Utah trade

THT was widely seen as a negative paycheck in a fictitious deal, as the Lakers acquired Tarren Horton-Tucker, Kendrick Nunn, and a 2027 first-round pick at the trade deadline last season. Houghton His Tucker suffered the worst, or at least the most disappointing year of his professional career in 2021–22, with shooting percentage dropping all over the floor. He didn’t get a chance to showcase his playmaking on a team with multiple other ballhandlers ahead of him in the pecking order.

it was a little miracle The Lakers turned THT into a positive player in the Beverly Jazz trade., but clearly, Utah wasn’t the only one who had a positive opinion of Horton Tucker. On the HoopsHype podcast, Michael Scott shared that Indiana wanted to get THT As part of a larger Russell Westbrook deal:

If the Lakers are looking to trade Russell Westbrook for a win this season, a trade with Indiana for Myles Turner and Buddy Hield would be the best bet. Interestingly, before the Lakers traded Taren Horton Tucker to Utah in the Patrick Beverly trade, the Pacers were looking to acquire Horton Tucker. Essentially, Indiana wanted Westbrook’s expiring contract, the Lakers’ two first-round picks in 2027 and 2029, and Houghton Tucker’s Turner and Hield. his contract.This is more suitable for teams with playoff capability celtics Before. The Lakers, in their extended trade package discussion, are essentially trying to let go of THT for Theis after they already had reservations about moving two first-round picks to get Westbrook out of contract. They didn’t. Talking to people in the league, anyone who plays against Westbrook wants both of these first-round picks.

According to the report, Indiana is looking to dump negative assets on the Lakers in the form of Daniel Theis, who is already in a third team within the last 12 months, and the Lakers don’t think a bad deal is worth it. If that means parting with their best young player. Considering the Lakers were able to turn his THT into a viable starting his guard, it seems the math was correct.

Still, it doesn’t bode well for future Westbrook trades that the price to move away from him includes an extra asset, as well as two first-round picks. It’s a high price to pay for a team that’s doing so, and could be an impossible hurdle for the Lakers to meet now that they’ve already parted ways with Houghton Tucker. If a trailing team were to inquire about Austin Reeves or Max his Christie, it’s natural to wonder if they would be a breach of his LA contract.

A second trade with Jazz? not the second time

With Kyrie Irving out of the market, Turner and Hield seem like the best consolation prizes in Westbrook’s trade. But considering Indiana’s previous trade request and the fact that THT is no longer available It makes sense, then, that another team could jump over the Pacers as a trade partner.

So it’s no surprise. Jovan Buha athletic Thinks Jazz could be Westbrook’s landing spotas he said on the aforementioned HoopsHype podcast:

As for the Westbrook trade market, I’ve heard Indiana and Utah are the two most likely destinations. From what I’ve heard, I think Utah is more likely than Indiana. Indiana has several permutations, with Myles Turner and Buddy Hield together, or possibly one of the two.

I’ve heard the Lakers are still reluctant to include a second first-round pick. Maybe that’s something that changes as training camp approaches. That was his one scenario where two picks were on the table. Apart from that, they see it as: Can you do a first round pick and a few seconds or a single pick and a protected pick or pick swap?

I believe the asking price was for two first round picks. It’s clear what the league wants from Russ. I think the Lakers can play hardball, but at some point, with all the potential distractions and fit issues we saw last season, are they going to take him to training camp? Or do you come in with a clean slate and bring in someone better suited, like Turner and Hield, or Bogdanovic, something with a new vibe and energy.

I think they’ll beef it up (trade talk) before training camp and be more aggressive from what I’ve been told, but if that offense involves giving up two first round picks Regardless, I hope they fight to try to keep that second first-round pick.

If the Lakers’ goal is to move Westbrook to fewer than two first-round picks, Utah doesn’t seem like the place to do it, given who runs basketball. Danny Ainge Set Impossible Market in Rudy Gobert Trade, 4 Future 1st Rounders, Already Picked 2022 1st Round Picks, Swaps, and Multiple Current Contributions brought someone He’s reportedly ‘wanting’ a future Lakers pickand after making one reasonable deal with LA earlier this offseason, you probably won’t make it a pattern.

The problem is that the Lakers have no clout. If the alternative is to recapture the core of an objectively terrible 2021-22, then ultimately Pony to reset and bring in suitable complementary players for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Utah has some of them in Bojan Bogdanovic and possibly Jordan Clarkson and Jared Vanderbilt. Whether it’s more attractive than Turner and Heald is an open question, but ultimately the Lakers will have to choose a path out of this mess.

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