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Ohio State Ties Longest Losing Streak in the Chris Holtmann Era With 63-60 Defeat to Nebraska


The Buckeyes hole gets deeper and deeper.

Ohio State’s losing streak extended to five in a row after losing 63-60 in Nebraska on Wednesday. The loss came just six days after the Buckeyes lost to bottom-placed Minnesota at home, and Ohio State now tied Chris’ longest skid in his Holtman era.






twenty two



Nebraska twenty one 42 63

Both teams struggled to score in the first half, with both teams taking less than 30% of their shots. After playing from behind for most of the period, the Buckeyes put together a quick spurt in the final minutes of the half to take the lead before the break.

However, it didn’t stick as Ohio State’s frequent turnovers and Nebraska’s apparent advantage in internal scoring helped the Huskers take the lead late in the second half. The Buckeyes had 10 seconds to go and he was only two behind, but a final shot had a chance to take the game into overtime.

With Brice Sensabaugh already fouled out, Sean McNeil’s attempt to tie the game rang out at the buzzer.

first half

The offensive struggle that has plagued the Buckeyes in the past few games has propelled them into this game. Ohio State hit only 1 of their first 11 shots off the floor, while the Huskers hit only 2 of their first 10.

However, as the Buckeyes continued to struggle, Nebraska gained an early edge and held the lead from 18:06 to 1:47. Sensabaugh and Justice Sueing combined to miss his first 11 shots off the floor, but the Huskers were marginally efficient on offense.







20-56 years old (35.7%)


23-56 years old (41.1%)

5-17 years old (29.4%)

3PM-3PA (PCT.)

6-21 (28.6%)

15-23 years old (83.3%)


11-17 years old (74.1%)


amount of sales



total rebound



offensive rebound



defensive rebound



bench point











Despite Ohio State’s offensive incompetence, Nebraska’s own struggles left the door open for the Buckeyes to lead by one behind a 7-0 run with less than two minutes remaining. bottom. When the buzzer sounded, the Buckeyes held their 22-21 advantage and trailed him to 16:20 of the period, but headed to his locker room with the lead.

Ohio State hit just 26.7% field goal percentage and 14.3% 3-point line percentage, but seven turnovers and a 3:12 deficit in Nebraska kept the Buckeyes back up front. is ready. The Huskers only hit 30% of his shots in the first half, and he missed three of his four free-throw attempts.

Latter half

Ohio State won 10 of the first 16 points of the second half to give them a breather with a 5-point lead at the 16:10 mark. However, the Huskers responded with back-to-back 3-pointers in his next 58 seconds and regained the lead to media his timeout under 16 minutes.

Zedd Key scored five straight points from 14:22 to 12:45 to take Ohio State from three down to two up. The Buckeyes had a chance to lead by two possessions after Husker head his coach Fred Hoiberg was whistled for a technical foul on him. However, McNeil, who had not missed a free throw all season entering the game, missed both attempts.

Both teams then traded buckets and the lead as they heated up considerably from their offensive pace in the first half. Sensabo scored his seventh straight run over Ohio State in his two minutes, putting his two ahead of the Buckeyes at 8:55, but Nebraska fought back with his 8-0 run, 55-0. I took a lead of 49. It was Ohio State’s three turnovers in less than four minutes that contributed to the Huskers’ surge.

By the 3:41 mark, Ohio State had not shot in well over five minutes of the game as Nebraska held onto a two-possession lead.

The Buckeyes cut it to a 3-point game with 2:20 to play, and Ohio State was within 2 points of the Huskers with 1:48 remaining. Ohio State still had a chance in his final 40 seconds. Sensabo knocked his 3-pointer down and put him in the 3-point deficit in the second half.

Ohio State tied the game on their last chance, but McNeil’s 3-point shot missed the mark.

game notes

  • After coming off the bench on Sunday, both Bryce Sensabow and Zedd Key returned to the starting lineup against Nebraska.Bruce Thornton, Sean McNeil and Justice Sueing were the Buckeyes’ other three starters.

  • Ohio State pulled out its only matchup against the Cornhuskers last season in an upset 78-70 loss at the Schottenstein Center, with the Buckeyes ranked 23rd in the AP poll.

  • Before last year’s loss, Ohio State had won six straight games against Nebraska, winning 10 of their previous 11 games.

  • Fred Hoiberg has lost four of his first five matches against Ohio State since taking over as Nebraska’s head coach in 2019-20.

  • Nebraska starting forward Juwan Gary (shoulder) was no match for the Huskers.

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