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Rapid Recap: Milwaukee Bucks 111, New York Knicks 107


4 At the start of the game road trip, milwaukee bucks Picking up from the previous game, new york knicksThey succeeded, but barely, won this 111-107. Box Score

Milwaukee got off to a decent start offensively, but Drew Holiday three There were personal fouls in the opening minutes of the game that further stalled the already anemic Bucks offense. Joe Ingles breathed some life and Marjon Beecham breathed some athleticism as the Bucks tied the first quarter to his 22-22 continued vaccinate Both teams were upset as New York failed to mount runs large enough to capitalize, while Milwaukee continued to go its own way with turnovers and odd shot choices. As the Bucks offense continued to bog down, the Knicks had a 51-46 advantage at halftime.

New York continued to chip away at the Bucks’ determination, extending their sold 16-point lead to just five points in the deficit and trailing 78-73 before Milwaukee woke up and sank a streak of threes. The storm continued in the Bucks’ favor, with Joe Ingles leading the way and putting Milwaukee back in the lead with one of the slopiest isolation possessions I’ve ever seen…and Giannis Antetokounmpo on the bench. minute.

As the fourth quarter continued, this abysmal match turned into a heavyweight match, with both teams hitting tough shots and building muscle for the bucket, with the lead swinging back and forth. And Drew Holiday, who had been playing a pretty bad game up to this point, hit a step-back 3 with 47 seconds left to give Milwaukee a 4-point advantage.

The game wasn’t over at that point as Jalen Brunson did everything in his power to pull the Knicks back from the brink. However, the Bucks never lost their cool and ran the stretch to defend their lead and escape the win.

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Milwaukee remained dead after the first half but regained consciousness after halftime. Joe Ingles played a big role in this turnaround, but the comeback win was largely fueled by Milwaukee’s 3-point explosion, with the Bucks making 19 3-pointers in his 49 attempts. hits, but eight of them were in the final stanza of the game. Some of them were open shots that they decided to drop, but Milwaukee really got the ball moving and found good shooters in a lot more good positions than they have recently. The game turned out to be enough for everyone, including me! – With the team written off, we were beginning to wonder if they could turn it around. To… they did.

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