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Rockets trade scenarios 2.0: What I’m hearing about John Collins, Myles Turner and more


It will be summer soon.

This may be a somewhat cheesy reference to “Game of Thrones,” but it also serves as an important reminder of the changes on the horizon of the world. houston rocketsThe 11-37 franchise is destined to be a big lottery win (rebuild booty) once again, but the next few months will see this roster look very different.

The decision-makers have endured three seasons of desperation in the hope of better times, or confidence, depending on who you ask. But that doesn’t mean the Rockets can’t start laying the groundwork now.

Trading scenario version 1.0 It was over a month ago. Since then, there have been some significant changes. Let’s dive in…

NBA It continues to function as a seller’s market ahead of the Feb. 9 trading deadline, including Rockets and Eric Gordon — but they’re open to adding the veteran to their roster if they end up making a move on him. athletic I learned. Houston has a lot of young people. that too A lot of young people who unbalanced the team. 10 players he is 22 years old or younger. Jashaun Tate I’m 27 and have only 3 years of experience.

In previous instances involving Gordon, Houston’s primary objective has been to secure a first-round pick or quality young player, but with a critical offseason ahead, it’s time to bolster its veteran presence. You have a plan, so you’re willing to get a head start on that process—if you get the chance.

• With Gordon, the 34-year-old wing continues to await resolution. Multiple teams’ interest in him is one of the best-kept secrets in the NBA, and Gordon has expressed his frustration with the current situation both publicly and privately on numerous occasions. , the Rockets continue to await a proper return from him. athletic previously reported that the front office was more likely to trade him than at any point during the restructuring, and that sentiment continues today.

Atlanta Hawks I shopped ahead John Collins For a while — according to our Shams Charania — gauging league-wide interest in the 25-year-old’s potential package, the conversation included the Houston Rockets, league sources said. athletic, which was later confirmed by a source for the team. Sources have been granted anonymity to speak freely about the matter. It’s real.

3 years before the Houston deal clint capella In what turned out to be a blockbuster deal involving four teams, athletic Reported on the Rockets’ demand for Collins, who was 23 at the time. in exchange for Capella’s services.

A few things to consider – the desire to move the sun Jay CrowderHouston with Gordon, and the Hawks with Collins, there is a three-team framework that works for all parties.

This is not a real deal. This is a fake deal. Some of them you will love. Some of them you don’t.

• Collins’ desire for environmental change, his Unhappy with his situation in Atlanta And his desire to be where he is respected is understandable. There’s no denying that Collins makes the Rockets a better team, especially defensively. Collins has been a positive defender in every season he’s been with the Hawks and is among the 88th percentile of players with this season’s impact — plus a defensive difference of 5.6 points — according to Cleaning the Glass. You’ll be welcomed into a youthful locker room that needs your voice.

• But, as the Rockets and other interested teams are currently assessing internally, Collins’ trade issue is fit and all the factors that come with it. First, the forward is in his second year of his five-year, $125 million contract signed for 2021. this summer. The Rockets have to juxtapose Collins and his opportunity cost. That means you have to decide whether to acquire Collins now or have maximum cap space for what will be a busy summer in free agency. There are also alignment issues.

• The free agency potential above applies to another frontcourt option that may be on the market. Miles TurnerThe loss of Tyrese Haliburton and his All-Star level contributions left them 24-26 Indiana Pacers They bounced back, losing 8 of their last 10 games and barely holding onto a play-in tournament spot. If their decline continues, it’s not hard to imagine that Indiana could trade Turner and go all out to rebuild. Houston is interested in his 26-year-old center from Bedford, Texas, but with a player in demand who will command a sizeable return on assets, especially if he can wait until free agency pursues him. Hesitant to trade.

• As for KJ Martin, we remain interested in the 22-year-old combo forward who has been very productive as a starter — averaging 14 points and 7 rebounds on 3 to 35% shooting — but nothing concrete at this point. Terms of the offer on the table.Team and league sources also talk athletic Several teams have hinted at a potential first-round pick for Martin’s services, but again nothing concrete. The Rockets have no interest in trading Martin, a mature second-round draft pick, for a second-round draft pick.

(Photo by John Collins: Alonzo Adams/USA Today)

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