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Serena Williams, I’mma let you finish, but Kobe Bryant had the best retirement of all time


W.attached Serena Williams to her 2022 Farewell Tour US OpenIt’s exhilarating yet soul-crushing and a reminder of the fleeting nature of time.

Fans have been eager to see the 40-year-old Williams finish his 27-year professional career with a win. Pete Sampras Retired after winning the 2002 US Open.

At the time, the 21-year-old Serena had already been a seven-year pro, grand slam champion.

Despite losing his retirement match, Williams showed mental toughness, Adjula Tomljanovic.

Williams admitted he lacked fitness and should have started preparing sooner after the game.

Ahead of the tournament, Williams announced that it would be her last competition.

The world of sports was glued to Williams, and her US Open run (three singles and one doubles) was one of the greatest retirements of all time.

Kobe Bryant retires after 60 points deduction

However, there is more than the attention Williams received.

kobe ​​bryant Retiring in 2016, he put in a 60-point performance in his final game, winning 101-96. utah jazz and Staples Center.

He shot 50 shots on his way to 60, but the whole world stopped to see Kobe’s trademark fadeaway jumper.

Results or performance are the last things that matter in these rankings, instead taking into account the amount of fanfare generated by retirement matches.

Bryant’s retirement match was cable’s most-watched event that night, overtaking another legendary match.

of golden state warriors was playing Memphis Grizzlies set a league record of 73 wins at the same time NBA Season.

Floyd Mayweather retires undefeated

Another historic retirement match floyd mayweather undertake UFC champion Conor McGregor.

Mayweather defeated McGregor to finish his career undefeated 50-0, but returned to fight in several amateur contests.

The undefeated boxer has recently been teasing a return to the ring to break his record. 51-0.

Mayweather says it will take $200 million to get him back in the ring for a sanctioned fight.

defeated something like manny pacchio, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez When Oscar de la HoyaMayweather should not retire.

His first retirement was legendary enough to prove that even a big-time UFC champion 11 years younger can’t compete with him in the ring.

Tom Brady to retire in 40 days

One of the best retirement matches, after all, was one gone.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady After announcing my retirement in the offseason, I changed my mind less than two months later.

his NFL playoffs loss against los angeles ramsit wouldn’t be his last time he nearly led a comeback to a win.

So how did Brady come up with this list?

His retirement drew attention unlike any other the league had ever seen new orleans saints quarterback Drew Breesactually retired a year ago.

Also, the fact that Brady didn’t retire and created more buzz was one of the best retirements ever as it only lasted 40 days and fans get at least one more season for GOAT at QB. To do.

David Beckham cries at farewell match

Last but not least, David Beckhaman English footballer who helped major league soccer (MLS) and continue to grow by playing 5 seasons. Los Angeles Galaxy.

However, his last game was Paris Saint-Germain Winning at home in 2013 Stade Brestois.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic He scored twice to secure a 3-1 victory for PSG, butman of the match.”

After the final whistle blew, an emotional Beckham was carried out by his teammates and launched into the air in celebration.

Like the aforementioned retirement, this is also one of the most watched moments in the entire world.

Serena, let me finish by saying Kobe had the best retirement match ever (at least in the last decade). followed by yourand Mayweather, Brady, and Beckham.

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