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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander mentioned as next possible Knicks target after missing on Donovan Mitchell, per report


of new york knicks We spent years building it for this offseason. They kept conscript capital and young talent. They built a roster base that included Jalen Brunson’s new $100 million points his guard. The idea was to allow a disgruntled star to make a deal when he wanted to move to New York. Donovan Mitchell looked like that star, but the Knicks missed. Mitchell is Cleveland his cavalier and the Knicks need to get back to the drawing board.

The new plan is clearly the old plan. According to the New York Post, the Knicks continue to search for the next disgruntled star. One name mentioned? oklahoma city thunder Point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

The big issue here is that Gilgeous-Alexander signed a five-year contract extension with no options in the final offseason. He’s locked out until his 2026-27 season, but Mitchell says he could become a free agent two seasons early in 2025. This will give Oklahoma City more time to convince Gilgeous-Alexander that the Thunder are the team for him.

Given their pile of draft picks and young players, they should be in a relatively strong position to do that. may have been competing for the play-in slot. They could in theory still be, and it wouldn’t be long before all the young players they drafted would start nudging toward their prime. I have the remaining draft capital.

The premise that Gilgeous-Alexander could seek a trade appears to be based on a two-year predicament the Thunder have been involved in, but that period appears to be coming to an end. Whether this season or next, Oklahoma City’s future looks a lot brighter than it did in Utah this offseason, and Gilgeous-Alexander was confident he could win with the Thunder.

But this is the modern NBA. Players leave teams for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s Gilgeous-Alexander or someone else, Mitchell is unlikely to be the last star to attempt a trade. If you are passive about it, you are likely to get the same result.

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