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Stephen Curry transcends basketball, and wins over opposing fans



Being Stephen Curry never stops. On a Monday afternoon, he slowly and majestically slips out of a crowded room, without a trace of cockiness, like someone who’s been working hard all day and has to put their feet up for a moment, capital his one his arena. I went out to the corridor.He scored his 41 points and won Golden State his Warriors 127-118 win over Washington WizardsThis space must be kept out of reach of fans purchasing tickets. And Curry should be out of hours.

But there is one fan, probably a father, who has a blue and gold Warriors jersey small enough for a child. The man pushes up behind Curry’s right shoulder and asks for his autograph. And bodyguards who are attached to Curry wherever he goes, except when he’s performing Stephen Curry on the basketball court, reach open hands in response. No! But Curry stops and reaches for a Sharpie.

He can get away with being normal when few people are watching, but Curry stays. He’s at the heart of the basketball world when is waiting to entertain and inspire.

Wizards and Warriors exchange blows early on, champions leaving the hosts on the canvas

Curry’s greatness can best be seen at January’s game in the nation’s capital. With a sluggish regular season and an off-his-Broadway vibe playing Wizards, places like this can distinguish basketball stars from once-in-a-lifetime phenomena.

On a national holiday celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., the sold-out arena responded to every flick of Curry’s wrist. I turned it. The poor Wizards player also fouled him every time he stuck out his mouthpiece after winning the bucket.

All-stars shine. Callie tilts the room.

“He’s the modern-day MJ,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said, referring to Michael Jordan. Now half the crowd has got the blue and yellow 30 jersey.Steph is — he transcends the game.”

Wherever he travels, he’s on. When he comes to basketball cities like Washington, he’s packed with transplants, bandwagoners, and people with enough money to buy courtside tickets. On Monday, he was the megaphone waking up one of the league’s lethargic grounds. Imagine Miles Davis showing up at his house party. But the host made the mistake of telling all his friends, friends telling all his friends, and now he has 20,476 people crowding around Grandma’s antique cabinet in awe.

Have you ever seen an entire building crooked? Isn’t its steel and frame, fixed chairs and barriers between them comparable to the gravitational pull of a single person? Over an hour before tip-off , all the fans in the lower bowl moved in his direction as the hooded Curry dribbled two basketballs at the baseline to begin his pregame warm-up. Children huddled around the railing near the railing of the house? They abandoned their mission to get autographs from Wizards players and went to see Steph instead.

Every other day, Capital One Arena is ranked as the NBA’s sixth-lowest home crowd building. On Monday afternoon, the center of culture and entertainment pulsed with fresh energy. In the first quarter, Oakland rapper E-40 double-fisted a drink of sorts and walked around the perimeter of the court to find his seat. Before halftime, the team honored the King’s offspring with custom his jerseys. His J. Cole, the Grammy-winning rapper-turned-pro basketball player, chatted with his GM Bob his of the Warriors. The regular fans who showed up in Chinatown hardly recognized these entertainers among them. Instead, their dedication and attention belonged to the game’s best shooters.

“He got the MVP chant on the go today,” said Ty Jerome, who is in his first season with the Warriors and witnessing Stephmania.

I was in the Warriors’ locker room after the game, waiting for Jerome to show up. He’s a former college champion, played for a popular team in Virginia, and now he’s a four-year pro. But he told me he never experienced a game like this, neither in college nor in his previous NBA. And really, most players in the history of gaming aren’t.

“You have to understand what’s going on,” Jerome said. “He’s one of the greatest players of all time. He’s the greatest shooter of all time and he’s doing it in a way that no one has ever seen. No one has seen him maintain that level of efficiency and that level of shot difficulty, his flair off the bounce, which means he’s just one of the greatest players of all time. He’s doing it in a way that no one has ever seen and everybody wants to come see him play and it’s so cool to be a part of it. It’s so cool, he’s the best star and the best player in the world.”

With all this in mind, it may sound crazy, but is Curry bigger than Tom Brady?

“Oh, he’s bigger than Brady,” Jerome replied. “He’s probably bigger than Brady.”

In All-Star Conversation, Kyle Kuzma is learning on the fly

When I argued the NFL as an American sport, Jerome took it back a bit. “But I’m going with my teammate.”

And I go with Jerome.curry teeth Its big.

“The way he plays is awe-inspiring, he evokes emotions. Everywhere I go, there are people rooting for him and I’ve never seen a player like him. I can’t wait to see him perform,” said Kerr. “And he’s not just a superhero, so I think people can relate to him because of his size and strength. There are many, but no one can do what he can do.He’s incredibly inspiring and as a result, he gets a lot of support on tour.”

Now, a word about the teams that usually play in this building. Now that these Wizards are safely through the halfway point of the season and exhibiting an 18-26 record, what will Monday tell us about them? . The 12th-seeded Wizards and the defending champions were level on the same level in the fourth quarter, with the Wizards still playing with a team specially invited to the White House on Tuesday, despite the Warriors having a hyped first half of the season. entered and tied at 93.

in the meantime All-Star Kyle Kuzma Kristaps Porzingis led Washington with 32 points on 15-for-9 shooting. His scoring surge continued the trend throughout the season. In his 17 games without Bradley Beal, Porzingis averaged 23.3 points. This would be higher than his scoring pace during his season as the only All-Star in 2017-18.

But Washington still needs a consistent defensive identity — and someone willing to donate healthy left and right hamstrings to Beers who never played again.

Beal’s presence may have been important in the Warriors’ 34-25 fourth quarter victory over Washington. But the fans still remained satisfied. They came to see Callie, the showman for the day. His greatness never stopped.

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