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Tampa rises, 4 teams debut in a new-look DII women’s Power 10 rankings


It’s been two weeks since the last DII Women’s Basketball Power 10 ranking. Ashland and Drury are at the top of the leaderboards after a staggering winning streak. everyone else? Well, everyone except Tampa lost at least one game.

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There have certainly been some changes in the last two weeks, as there have been many ups and downs. This week he has three teams making his all-time Power 10 debuts, and another making his season debut. This was by far the hardest Power 10 I’ve had to contend with in years.

Before diving into the rankings, a quick word on West Virginia is needed. After an impressive 18-11 record last year, Yellow’s Jackets got off to an impressive 15-2 start. They secured two big conference wins in the past week, as he defeated the defending champions and nationally ranked No. 20 Grenville State and his No. 20 Charleston (WV) in three days. With their efforts, they jumped out of nowhere to the “first 5 outs” this week.

Regular Season 4th DII Women’s Power 10 Ranking (*All games until January 22nd)

No.1 Ashland | Before: 1: DII Women’s Basketball has two undefeated teams and Ashland is one of them (there are several others). beat the Ashland is backed by her third best scoring offense averaging 86.6 points per game, leading to her second best average win margin with a whopping 26.6 points per game. This team ticks all the boxes.

No.2 Dry | Before: 2: The Panthers have ticked the same box, and are on a 14-game winning streak since losing to Ashland in November. Since that loss, they’ve actually only played one close match for him, with him winning games by more than 20 points in contests. The big three of Kaylee DaMitz-Holt, Alana Findley, and Terrion Moore are an absolute matchup nightmare, giving the Panthers a monster-her advantage in GLVC play.

No.3 Tampa | Before: 7: Spartans did two things that were unique in the previous Power 10. It’s about not losing the game and defeating his Power 10 team of fellows. It may have been just two points, but beating Eckard was a huge win and added to an already impressive resume, as they are one basket away from his 19-0 record. , dropped that three-pointer his stunner to Palm Beach Atlantic in overtime to close out 2022. garnered votes in national polls, and Tampa has a resume to back this week’s big leap.

No. 4 Cal State Dominguez Hills | Before: First Five Out: Toros made her DII Women’s Basketball Power 10 debut, sitting an impressive 18-0 against a schedule strength well above .500. Their recent 1-point win over nationally-ranked conference foe San Marcos, Calif. brought victory. Toros are winning games by 20.6 points per game, placing them in the top 10 in this division.

No. 5 Central Missouri | Previous 3: Jenny lost, but got some favors. For one thing, they’ve had a really tight schedule. Second, the first loss was against a West Missouri team that fared better than its record. Was in the top 15 this preseasonFinally, almost every other top team lost, so there’s not much to fall for. An undefeated run is fun, but MIAA is stacked. team loses. Jenny does little wrong with it.

No. 6 West Washington | Before: 5: Like Central Missouri, yes the Vikings lost, but many others lost, so their résumés are still very good. They play the 28th toughest schedule in DII women’s basketball A record of 14 wins and 2 losses is nothing to scoff at. There’s plenty of basketball left, there’s basketball that matters, and it’s time for Western Washington to turn it on.

No. 7 County Grenville | Before: 4: We’ve already mentioned that the Pioneers lost to the rising West Virginia Yellow Jackets, but it’s just a points difference, not all is lost. It’s somewhat worrying that Glenville State’s two losses have brought him to the two teams he has to contend with in the MEC, but what makes this team the defending champions is their quick defense and excellent performance. Coaching. The Pioneers are already back on the winning line, but his Feb. 22 showdown against Charleston (WV) will be huge.

8. Minnesota Duluth | Previous: Unranked: This is Bulldog’s first appearance in Power 10 this season, but not always. Minnesota Duluth considered for preseason Power 10 contenders, but slipped a bit on the slow start. After that, with 13 straight wins in deep territory, the Bulldogs are cooking again. Perhaps most impressively, she’s defying the strength of her 7th toughest schedule in DII women’s basketball. Brooke Olson has a Player of the Year campaign, where he is scoring 20.3 points and posting 7.2 rebounds per game.

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No. 9 Michigan Tech University | Previous: Unranked: The Midwest is again incredibly strong and deep. The Huskies suffered a heavy loss to Ashland at the end of December, and Michigan Tech responded with his sixth straight win. Five of those wins have been pretty decisive, most recently knocking out the Lakers in a hard-fought basketball game against Grand He beat Valley State. Power 10. Notice Alex Rondorf. He’s averaging almost a double-double per game and will be key in the stretch, and the Huskies won’t have to wait too long for a rematch as he heads to Valley State on February 9.

No.10 Texas Women | Previous: Unranked: One of the first teams to ever make a Power 10 debut, the Pioneers are currently 17-1. They’re coming out of the game 19-for-19 from the free-throw line, defeating three-time national champion Lubbock his Christian. This is his one game after he beat nationally ranked West Texas A&M by a margin of 10. Now, the Texas Women haven’t had their toughest schedule yet, but now they’re at the center of it, and the Pioneers are showing what they can do.

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First Five Out (alphabetically)

  • Colorado School of Mines
  • eckerd
  • south west georgia
  • grand valley province
  • west virginia

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