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Tim Hardaway says Kyle Lowry isn’t fat and wears football pads to make himself look bigger


NBA fans across the country tend to agree, miami heat point guard Kyle Lowry Lowry is one of the better veteran guards in the NBA, but one of the criticisms Lowry has faced over the years has to do with his weight.

Overall, it’s believed that Lowry is slightly overweight and could benefit from slimming down a bit.

In an interesting statement, the former Heat star Tim Hardaway Recently, Lowry said he’s not overweight at all, and Lowry claimed to wear “football pads” to protect his body during the wear and tear of the NBA season.

“I want you to write this,” Hardaway said. sun sentinel.Kyle Lowry not fat He is fat and not overweight. He wears these football his pads under him to make him look bigger. He is much slimmer than you think. I’ve been telling people that the longest. And everyone says, “No, he’s overweight.” No, the man is not overweight. It means he needs to stay fit to stay in shape. ”

If this proves true, it would put an end to one of the most ubiquitous memes in recent NBA history. Laury is responded to them early last month.

“It bothered me a lot,” he said. “It got to me. It really got to me, I’m going to be honest with you. And now I don’t care.”

If Lowry had simply worn padding under his uniform, he would have said the same thing and put an end to the lighthearted joke years ago.

As far as Heat fans are concerned, as long as Lowry is on the court, his weight will be of little concern. He had a good 2021-22 season with the Heat, but his health took a big hit when his teammates needed him the most in the playoffs.

Lowry played in just 10 playoff games as his team advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. Even in the games he played, he never looked perfectly healthy, averaging only 7.8 points per game.

Whatever the truth about Lowry’s weight, he’ll want to enjoy a more productive campaign with his team next season.

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