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Women’s Tennis Starts Strong With Doubles Tournament


Ewing, New Jersey – with Alexis Vasile Chase Eisenberg I participated Anusha Lang When Aira Avalos She pulled off a perfect 3-0 to lead the TCNJ women’s tennis team’s strong debut in Saturday’s season-opening doubles tournament.

The Lions won 12 of 16 games in a beautiful afternoon at Ewing, picking up various combinations of Goldie Becombe and Stevens.

TCNJ had a perfect 5-0 in Round 1. Charlotte Rorty When Jenny Randells 8-2 countdown over Goldie Beecom’s Hannah Brundle and Zella Canvas.

Vasil and Eisenberg beat Stevens’ Audrey Heberlin and Isabella Donna 8-4. Anusha Lang When Aira Avalos They beat GBC’s Elina Mukhamadeeva and Asli Kunduk 8-1.

Morgan Grimmie When Hannah Davis Defeated Stevens’ Polina Odintseva and Anya Sharma in a tie-break, Chloe Hansen When Javanna Toto Defeated Stevens’ Ariona Heights and Juliette Marchisio 8-5.

In Round 2, Rangu and Abalos shut out Heaberlin and Flores 8-0. Vasile and Eisenberg beat Bruno and Hendin-Walker 8-4.

Roarty and Landells took the win with an 8-3 victory over Bruno and Hendlin-Walker.

Vasile and Eisenberg completed a perfect afternoon with 8-4 wins against Malinowski and Untermeyer of Stevens. Rangu and Abalos accomplished the feat by defeating Brandl and Canbaz with his 8-6.

Grimmie and Davis defeated Stevens’ Flores and Donna in an 8-6 final, while Grace Hansen and Toto did the same against Ducks’ Egia and Heights.

TCNJ Doubles Tournament

round 1
Charlotte Rorty/Jenny Randells (TCNJ) Def. Hannah Brundle/Zela Canvas (GBC), 8-2
Alexa Vasil/Chase Eisenberg (TCNJ) Def. Audrey Heberlin/Isabella Donna (SIT), 8-4
Anusha Lang/Aira Avalos (TCNJ) Def. Elina Muhammadeva/Asli Kunduk (GBC), 8-1
Morgan Grimmie/Hannah Davis (TCNJ) Def. Polina Odintseva/Anya Sharma (SIT), 8-7 (2)
Agatha Malinowski/Stephanie Untermeyer (SIT) def. Maria Bruno/Macy Hendin Walker (GBC), 8-2
Chloe Hansen/Javanna Toto (TCNJ) Def. Aliona Heitz/Juliette Marchisio (SIT), 8-5
Cassandra McDermott/Grace Hamburg definition. Emma Egia/Singh (SIT), 8-7 (5)

round 2

Malinowski/Untermeyer (SIT) def. Rorty/Landels (TCNJ), 8-2
Vasile/Eisenberg (TCNJ) def. Bruno/Hendin-Walker (GBC), 8-4
Lang/Avalos (TCNJ) def. Heberlin/Flores (SIT), 8-0
Mukhamadeeva/Kunduk (GBC) def. Grimmie/Davis, 8-1
Donna/Sharma (SIT) def. Brandl/Canbaz (GBC), 8-4
Sinn/Marchisio (SIT) def. McDermott/Hamburg (TCNJ), 8-6
Odintseva/Egia (SIT) def. Hansen/Toto (TCNJ), 8-7 (4)

Round 3

Roarty/Landells (TCNJ) def. Bruno/Hendin-Walker, 8-3
Vasile/Eisenberg (TCNJ) def. Malinowski/Untermeyer (SIT), 8-4
Lang/Avalos (TCNJ) def. Brandl/Canbaz (GBC), 8-6
Grimmie/Davis (TCNJ) def. Flores/Donna (SIT), 8-6
Heaberlin/Odintseva (SIT) def. Muhammadeva/Kunduk (GBC), 8-5
Hansen/Toto (TCNJ) def. Egia/Heights (SIT), 8-6
Marchisio/Sharma (SIT) def. McDermott/Hamburg (TCNJ), 8-6

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