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Game Preview: Ohio State women welcome Purdue for Big Ten matchup


of Ohio The women’s basketball team has had a week.Head coach Kevin McGuff’s Buckeyes entered a 19-0 week and placed second in the nation. The only piece they still have is the second place ranking. That’s because new votes won’t come out until Monday.

Against Iowa Hawkeyes When Indiana Hoosiers Scarlett & Gray had glaring problems and ended up losing two games in a row. Another chance for the Buckeyes to save something from Sunday’s week. purdue boiler manufacturers Travel to Columbus, Ohio.


Looking at the records of these two teams, it could be a good day for the Buckeyes (19-2), but it won’t be easy for the Boilermakers (14-6). Throughout the season, Big His Ten heads like McGuff and his coaches have praised the conference’s strong league hierarchy, but that’s not Lip at his service.

Purdue is a good team to play against Ohio State.

The two teams also come into Sunday’s game with very different levels of momentum. Ohio State played Purdue rivals the Indiana Hoosiers and lost by 13 points. That same night, the Boilermakers were winning the marquee.

Although unranked, Purdue claims to be the 7th team in the NCAA Tournament to win 22nd. illinois fighting illini A great addition to your resume. Purdue traveled to Champaign, Illinois to not just hold his breath, but completely shut down Fighting Illini’s amazement.

Illinois scored only 52 points on shooting from deep 26-4. Illinois’ body language on the court made it look like the team was defeated early in the second half. There was no response from

This season, Purdue is playing every game and playing true team-style basketball, led by senior guard Jeanne Terry. The former member of the Illini joined the Boilermakers before last season and has been playing the best basketball of her career this year.

Terry is currently one of three NCAA women’s basketball players averaging 6 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists per game. Terry has formed an elite her company with her fellow Big Her Ten her guard Caitlin Clark, Notre Dame Guard Olivia Miles.

Terry mostly acts as a facilitator and makes it look effortless. One moment Terry found an open teammate, the next he grabbed a rebound under the basket. Seniors keep their composure and put themselves in the right place at the right time.

The Boilermakers don’t have a dominant five-position player like Iowa’s Monica Chinano or Indiana’s Mackenzie Holmes, but Terry can get the Buckeyes to pay. Last year, when the Buckeyes moved to West Lafayette, Indiana, Terry had 13 rebounds against Ohio State. Keeping it playable makes Terry easy to play.

There are some notable players around Terry. The first is his fifth-year guard Rasha Petrie. Rutgers Scarlet KnightsPetrie leads the Boilermakers with an average of 14.9 points per game.

Petrie can deliver attacks in a variety of ways. She can hit shots from deep and get into the paint when the lane opens up, Petree is the team that represents her Boilermakers, the team that shoots deep instead of hitting the post. . The other is Australian security guard Abby Ellis.

After starting the season on the bench, Ellis’ name has been in the starting XI in the last five games. In his three of these five, Ellis scored 24, 20, and 16 points at Purdue. Thursday was a 16-point night for him, but Ellis brought more than scoring. Especially at his 2:15 mark, a highlight from Boilermaker’s big win.

That means Ohio State is getting some rest after playing against the top two bigs in the conference this week, but lest Purdue get an open look beyond the arc. I’m running more to get better. Boilermaker also throws a pass to forward Kaitlyn Harper. The Big Ten have a few nights off.

On Thursday, Ohio State showed itself among the top 10 teams in the nation despite the loss. His three-quarters of them against Indiana showed that skill. It also showed that the Buckeyes learned to improve their defense in the paint and improve their rebounding from some of their mistakes against Iowa.

Now Scarlett and Gray have to show it for over 40 minutes. Expect director McGuff to speak up.

Also, is guard Jaycee Sheldon returning on Sunday? The Buckeyes’ starting point guard hasn’t played since Nov. 30 in Louisville, Kentucky.

against Purdue, and wisconsin badgers On Wednesday, there will be less pressure in Sheldon’s game than next Sunday when Ohio State moves to No. 10. Maryland Terrapin.

Anticipated starter


P. name
P. name
G. Jaycee Sheldon
G. Taylor Mikesell
G. Taylor Thierry
debt Coty McMahon
debt Rebeka Mikrashikova

Lineup note

  • Forward/guard Taylor Thierry scored 13 points and 12 rebounds despite foul trouble to earn the first double-double of her NCAA career against Indiana.
  • If Sheldon returns, she will bring in 30 stolen bases in five games.
  • Guard Taylor Mikesell hit 2,000 NCAA points Thursday against the Hoosiers.


P. name
P. name
G. Jinay Terry
G. Abby Ellis
G. Rasha Petrie
G. Cassidy Hardin
C. Kaitlyn Harper

Lineup note

  • Terry has double-digit assists in five games this season
  • Ellis leads the Big Ten with an 89.7% free throw percentage this season.
  • Purdue sits 7th in Big Ten standings entering Sunday


The Ohio State Buckeyes should win this game. If not, the current team has some bigger problems than playing against two tough teams. Purdue is strong, but not on the same level as Iowa or Indiana in the world.

It’s going to be a close fight in parts, but should Sheldon return, it should be a comfortable win for the Buckeyes.

McGuff’s team will be strong in the first quarter. Forward Coty, who has a habit of building momentum for the Buckeyes, especially McMahon. After Thursday’s game, McMahon walked into the media room after the game with his boots on. land grant sanctuary She was fine and had no injury issues.

Sunday will show if the Buckeyes are getting the message that you can’t win against a team that always loses big.

Viewing method

date: Sunday, January 29, 2023
time: 1 afternoon EST
Where: Schottenstein Center, Columbus, Ohio
stream: BTN+

LGHL Prediction: 84-70 Buckeyes, OH

Celebrate Pride Games and History

The Buckeyes program continues a season packed with successful theme promotions celebrating not one but two worthy themes. Not only does Ohio State celebrate his 30th anniversary since reaching his 1993 NCAA tournament final, but it’s also a day to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

Players on that team stay home for the game, and the first 200 students receive free pride socks.

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