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Why is LSU increasing security following the Utah gymnastics meet?


Louisiana State University announced it is tightening its security protocols following the suspension of gymnastics at the University of Utah.

Here’s what we know.

what happened: Fans of social media star and LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne disrupted competition and caused other problems fox news.

new york post reported that a large group of young men remained after the meeting ended to watch Dan and her team make their way to the bus.

much of the crowd reportedly I held up a sign and shouted. Give me Livy! “

What was said: “This is actually so scary, disturbing and finicky. I’m embarrassed for them,” wrote Olympic medalist Samantha Pesek. twitter about the incident.

The mother of a Utah gymnast said she witnessed some “fans acting disrespectfully” and also saw a crowd “calling her daughter ‘Livvy 2.0’ making derogatory comments.” I did,” he claimed. new york post.

fox news Dunn took to social media a few days after the event to tell fans to show more respect, and reported, “Thank you for your support.”

With many videos of the incident surfacing, changes have been made to security measures for both the away and home competitions LSU is scheduled to compete in. United States of America today.

How things change: LSU coach Jay Clark said, “We will review security details when we hit the road and try to create boundaries around where we board the bus and where we load our luggage.” ESPN.

Clark further elaborated, “We plan to change some of our policies to allow girls into the stands immediately after the competition.”

Dunn’s large following on social media isn’t likely to change anytime soon, and in the meantime Clarke said LSU will try to protect the player during the season’s events.

“Things have to change. We can’t expose them,” said Clark Added, per USA Today. “We are considering some policy changes that will allow parents to access their daughters elsewhere.”

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